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42+ Cottage Easy Minecraft Houses Blueprints Background

42+ Cottage Easy Minecraft Houses Blueprints Background. Craft minecraft modern minecraft houses minecraft house plans minecraft mansion minecraft cottage minecraft house tutorials minecraft room minecraft videos minecraft decorations. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours.

A medium house, with an enclosed yard, workshop, mezzanine bedroom, large fireplaces, lots of storage, and upstairs living room. Inspirational minecraft house blueprints pc stock ideas house. There is plenty of room for you to build all this is seriously the best house to build in minecraft.

7 Easy Minecraft Houses You Can Build in a Day

A big factor in why so many people find Minecraft so engrossing is the endless possibilities you have to build anything your imagination can conjure up. 

But with limitless possibilities, it can be difficult to decide exactly what to build, especially if you’re new to the game and don’t yet know the intricacies of its mechanics. 

In order to help guide you, we’ve put together this list of 7 easy Minecraft houses that take advantage of some of the more simple building techniques, but still, look fantastic when done properly.

1) Building the base:

The first step to building an easy Minecraft house is to create your base. This should be done on one of your sides because once you make your rooms, you will put them inside of these corners and sides. 

These will act as walls that hold up your other blocks and help prevent mobs from getting inside. 

Creating one block above ground level would also be a good idea for some extra protection against hostile players who might try to raid your home when you're offline. 

To get started, dig out an area four blocks wide by five blocks long and one block deep (10 x 11 x 1). Then fill in two layers of the floor with brick or dirt so that you can place sand or gravel on top later.

2) Building a treehouse

Building an Easy Minecraft House is easier than you might think! If you have enough trees and don’t need a house that is near to any towns, it’s quite easy to create your own treehouse. 

Here are seven ways to go about it: 1. Choose Your Tree: When building Easy Minecraft Houses, first think about what kind of tree will support your home and under which conditions you will build it. 

You will likely want to use sturdy trees—look for ones that are either solid wood or thicker branches with wide spaces between them—for long-term construction, and ones with flexible boughs or leaves that won’t interfere with your living space or leave marks if they break off under high winds. 2.

3) The easy desert house

This is a very easy design that can be built in 1-2 days depending on how much time you devote to it. Start by digging out 3 floors. 

The ground floor should have 5 windows and 6 glass panes, while each of the next two floors should have 4 windows and 3 glass panes. 

This design has 9 windows and 12 glass panes, making it one of the biggest houses in Easy Minecraft Houses For Beginners. 

Place torches throughout your house to make it feel cozy and warm; villagers love to stay here! Some decorations will also help add appeal.

4) The zombie-proof mansion

For creative types who want a challenge, consider putting together your own zombie-proof mansion. Tired of caves and underground tunnels? 

Mine some obsidian and design your house to reflect it: Smooth, square with no blemishes. To make things easier on yourself, build one layer at a time so you can test each room’s defense capabilities. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than building and testing five rooms, only to realize they all have holes that zombies can break through easily. 

For beginners (or anyone looking for inspiration), there are plenty of easy Minecraft houses online—just Google minecraft home ideas. 

Most designs use simple shapes such as squares and rectangles; put them together in an efficient pattern to get an extra benefit from materials like stone and wood blocks.

5) The adventurer’s cave

If you’re looking for an easy Minecraft house design, then look no further than an adventurer’s cave. An adventurer’s cave is just what it sounds like—an underground home with a spooky touch. 

It won’t be hard to pull off either; grab some monsters from your local dungeon and follow these simple steps: dig down one block from surface level, set up torches on each side of your hole and connect them with staircases. 

A little creative lighting can give you that eerie mood! Now, place lava everywhere except for directly beneath your stairs; make sure to allow at least two blocks of air so there’s no chance of flowing into your staircase!

6) Designing an underground house

If you’re after an easy Minecraft house design, your best bet is to stick with building underground. 

It might be tempting to slap some blocks together on top of a hill and call it done, but there are many benefits to building under your platform. 

Underground builds are relatively easy (they can also look cool) and they protect your interior from any prying eyes that wander by overhead. 

Just make sure you place torches outside so other players will see your home from above!

7) Creating your own designs

A quick Google search of easy Minecraft houses shows that there are tons of tutorials on how to make amazing creations, but most require intricate pixel-perfect building or lots of expensive resources. 

In contrast, these seven easy Minecraft houses all follow very simple design principles and can be made with minimal resources. 

Some can even be built in under an hour! Most importantly, they take advantage of one of Minecraft's greatest assets: ingenuity. 

All you need is patience and time to create your very own dream home! So grab some friends and see what creative house you can come up with today!


So now you know how to build your own easy Minecraft houses. The building is a great way to pass time, and it’s also very rewarding when you see what you have created at the end of an hour or two of work. 

It’s simple, so why not give it a try? If you do decide to try building something cool (in-game or IRL), we would love to see pictures; just share them with us on our Facebook page. Good luck!

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