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How to Build a Minecraft Medieval Castle

minecraft medieval castle

If you love Minecraft and have been wanting to build your own castle, this guide will show you everything you need to know about how to build a Minecraft medieval castle! 

This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the process of designing and building your very own castle, including tips and tricks that you can use to make the experience easier. 

You’ll learn how to design the layout of your castle, what kinds of materials to use when building it, and how to make sure that your efforts are protected from any would-be invaders who may try to invade your property!

Minecraft Medieval Castle Design Overview

Minecraft medieval castle design and build are not as easy as it looks. It's going to take time and effort but it can be done! 

If you're thinking about building your own medieval castle in Minecraft, here are some tips that'll help you along. 

Take it from someone who knows, from experience: If you follow these guidelines your castle will look great. 

The first thing you need is an idea of what kind of castle you want to build. It's fun to be creative, but also remember that people like consistency with Minecraft medieval castles, or else it just won't work. 

You don't want something too cartoonish or too dark, because then everything will just end up looking out of place and that's no good at all!

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Building Materials

The first thing you’ll need when building your Minecraft medieval castle is a supply of blocks. This is often a critical aspect in Minecraft, while your supplies will last for quite some time, it’s impossible to create elaborate structures without any blocks. 

There are many different kinds of blocks in Minecraft and they each provide different kinds of benefits, which we will discuss later. 

As far as mining goes, iron ore tends to be some of the most useful, iron is one of two base metals that allow you to craft stone tools and armor (the other being gold). 

Generally speaking, you want at least twenty units before beginning construction on any given structure.

Basic Principles of Wall Designs

Castles are defensive structures, so you need walls that are thick and tall. That means constructing them from lots of individual blocks with no weak spots in between. As you build your castle, start with a simple design that's 6 blocks wide and 10 blocks long (10 x 6). 

The easiest way to do that is by starting with 4 posts at each corner; then, stand 2 straight planks on top of each post. 

Then, construct two perpendicular walls about 6 blocks long made up of two rows of alternating full and half planks. 

Since we're building a Minecraft medieval castle, place wood flooring in each row and space them out 1 block apart, but not on top of where they meet in the middle so there's an opening 3x3 space wide on either side.

Building Large Walls

Large medieval castles often need large walls, especially when in hostile territory. Fortunately, large blocks of stone (like Nether Bricks) tend to naturally stack upon one another in creative ways that work well for building tall structures. 

To build most castle walls, place two cubes next to each other. Place a slab on top of both of them and then fill in all-around with more blocks or slabs as needed until you’ve reached your desired height. 

For example, here’s how to build about six-and-half Minecraft medieval castle walls at once

What's Next?

After choosing your building site, decide what you'll build first. Decide if you want a fence around your castle or an arched drawbridge. 

You'll also need to decide if you want rooms for your weapons and armor, rooms for food and water, etc. 

Some would argue that it's important to work smart not hard in Minecraft when building castles (and anything else), so think carefully about how you're going to break up your castle into rooms. 

It might seem like a daunting task now, but once you get started with your first room it will be clear that putting together a Minecraft medieval castle is much easier than it looks!

Building Roofs

When building a Minecraft medieval castle, there are several different approaches that you can take. The most important feature of any castle is going to be its roof, which means that it’s crucial to construct your roof correctly at first. 

For example, many castles have tall stone walls with smaller sections built around and on top of each other. 

To add yet another layer of protection, you can create wooden scaffolding that goes around your stone walls and fills in any gaps left over by stone. Finally, cover up all exposed wood with grass and dirt so it blends in better with its surroundings. 

If you need further inspiration for your Minecraft medieval castle roof, look no further than historic castles throughout Europe and North America as well as ancient Chinese fortresses.

The Gatehouse

To start your Minecraft medieval castle, you’ll need to construct a gatehouse first. You can build your gatehouse from any material (stone, wood, or dirt), but all versions will require at least 4 blocks for it: 2 for each side and 1 for each of its two pillars. 

Remember that you can always come back later and expand your structures by building more blocks onto them! 

If you don’t feel confident in building without an initial plan, take some time to sketch out how large of a structure you want your gatehouse to be, then use Minecraft’s gridlines as guidelines.


When building your Minecraft medieval castle, there are many variables you must consider. How will it look? Will your home be opulent or simple? What features do you want to be included? 

It’s up to you! The only rules with building in Minecraft are that it has to follow the laws of physics and retain a realistic medieval style. 

So go ahead and begin laying bricks, you’re one step closer to starting your journey toward creating a stunning Minecraft medieval castle.

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